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The following are problems my treatment can help with:

Manipulation is also possible on the elderly and on pregnant women.


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 Treatment of child Autism, Eczema, Asthma, Chonical Conditions.
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Manual therapy (MT) is a substantive and effective method of medicine which represents a complex of biomechanical manipulations performed by hands for rendering therapeutic modalities.

The main purpose of MT is pain management and functional recovery in the parts of the body on which it is used.

MT is performed by a doctor who has a proper specialisation.



1. Before manipulation 2. After the first manipulation

The object of MT is spinal bones, coxal bones, cranial bones and their articulations – joints, muscles and the structure of connective tissue.

MT is essential because it gives an opportunity to successfully treat many diseases that wouldn’t respond to treatment with any other method so far.

MT is effective for pain management both in the back bone and joints and helps restore the normal movement pattern.

The basis of treatment of our patients is a multipronged approach assuming that various methods focused on one problem zone give a more rapid and solid result. They include: MT, hardware methods, and medicines that are created exclusively on natural basis.

In the work on the back bone we employ a private method of MT worked out by doctors J. Nesterchuk and I.Zinchuk in our modification. This method is made highly attractive by its simplicity and commonality, and it does not require knowledge of a hundred or more violent and at times even risky techniques. This method is exclusively effective (including the cases with the herniation of discs), and attenuated; it allows us to work with patients of the older age groups (80 years and older) and with women at different gestational terms. As an exception we regard the presence of contra-indications from the side of heart-vascular system and the diseases accompanied by fracture of the vertebrae.

As experience confirms, in acute cases of disease 1-3 procedures are enough in order to relax spastic muscles, relieve intervertebral discs, release the strangulated nerve and to eliminate pain, i.e. to achieve a clinical recovery.

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Aesthetic Medicine

Apart from backache, our patients often suffer from various figure defects, spinal curvature, muscle asymmetry, local accumulation of adipose tissue and cellulite, flaccid skin and skin creases, wrinkles, stretch marks, etc. Modern people want to have a grand look, to eradicate or at least to minimise the manifestations of their physical defects quickly and without a surgeon’s knife. In the majority of such cases the Aesthetic Medicine (AM) helps. Of all the potential of techniques used in AM the most simple, available and rather effective is MESOTHERAPY.

Mesotherapy represents a method of either intradermal instillation or not very deep (from 1 to 10 mm) instillations under the skin of drug substances. The injections are made with special needles which are applied either to the entire problematic zone or at certain points, e.g. acupuncture points. Usually multiple injections are made with the purpose of creating within the skin some reserves of the drug substances which will be gradually resolving and producing the planned curative effect. Mesotherapy is performed using one drug or a drug cocktail composed of a few substances. Mesotherapy can be successfully used both for pain management and for figure correction.


Note: the red spots on the skin caused by manual therapy threatment, which disappear shortly.

For cellulites and local fat depots we use drug cocktails that possess a lipolytic activity. The effect of the active components included into the cocktails is predetermined to gradually dissolve the fat cells and to remove their cleavage products through the eliminative organs. The manipulation allows to effectively remove the local accumulation of adipose tissue and to correct the figure shapes. At the same time at the spot of manipulations there remain neither cicatrices nor skin deformations as opposed to cases with surgical interference (liposuction). The general tendency in the modern Aesthetic Medicine (AM) is that the needle is more and more displacing the scalpel.

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Exclusive Method of Re-alignment and Reduction Buffalo Hump or Dorsocervical fat pad With help of Aesthetic Homeomesotherapy and Manual Therapy

Buffalo hump is a bulging of lower neck and upper thorax vertebras. In this zone there’s an intense collection of fatty tissue, which is mainly seen in women in their 40’s and over, it makes them feel uncomfortable in their clothes with an opened back. Displaces vertebras in the neck-chest area of the spine can be the cause of headaches, dizziness, unstable blood pressure, etc.


An exclusive technique of manual therapy allows, without a surgery, to put the displaced vertebras back into their original place.  The amount of manipulations you will need to place your vertebras back will depend on the individual.

After fixing the vertebras all that’s left is skin-fat pouch, which can be considerably reduced by homeomesotherapy using homotoxicological (homeopathy) remedies that do not have any side effects. 

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