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The following are problems my treatment can help with:

Manipulation is also possible on the elderly and on pregnant women.


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 Treatment of child Autism, Eczema, Asthma, Chonical Conditions.
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Manual-Aesthetic Medicine

It should be mentioned that increasingly we meet patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal system accompanied by physical defects that require treatment by methods of AM. While treating this group of people we combine MANUAL THERAPY and AESTHETIC MEDICINE. Thus, at the intersection of the two medical directions of MANUAL THERAPY and AESTHETIC MEDICINE we offer a new one – MANUAL-AESTHETIC MEDICINE that allows us to effectively treat spine diseases, joints and the surrounding tissues with the simultaneous correction of complex physical defects of the figure without any surgical interventions and complications.


MANUAL-AESTHETIC MEDICINE - is a medical direction which combines methods of manual therapy and aesthetic medicine with the purpose of receiving the maximum effect in the combined treatment of diseases of the muscular-skeletal system, age changes of skin and hypodermis, correction of figure (Proposed by Dr.'s V.S. Tolkachev and V.V. Tolkachev 2008).

On the pictures below you can see the dynamics of scoliosis correction and cellulites reduction by the method of aesthetic medicine. The reddening of the skin is caused by manipulations and remains no longer than after a usual massage. On the last picture you can see markings on the skin after the intradermal Mesotherapy. They disappear in 30-40 minutes after the procedure.


Note: the red spots on the skin caused by manual therapy threatment, which disappear shortly.




            Correction of lumbar curvature (hyperlordosis) by the method of Manual-Aesthetic medicine


Correction of figure by method of Manual-Aesthetic medicine




Corrective therapy of the anterior wall of the stomach by method of Manual-Aesthetic Medicine